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DancelifeUSA Product Policy

All orders received after 3:00pm, (Arizona time) will ship the following business day.  All orders received on a weekend or Holiday, will be shipped the following business day.  All Customers are responsible for shipping & handling, (S&H) fees for all orders.  All S&H fees are non-refundable.  All orders will be shipped via FedEx Ground services, (FedEx cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.)  Please allow 2 to 6 business days for delivery.  Faster shipping methods are available, upon request, for which extra S&H fees may apply.  Shipping rates vary depending on the merchandise, quantity and the “ship to:” location. 

Please order with care, DANCELIFEUSA does not issue refunds, only exchanges or store credit.
Exchanges/Store Credits are issued if the following requirements are completed: 
1. All returned items must be received by DANCELIFEUSA within 30 days of the original delivery date, unworn, unaltered and accompanied by the original invoice or packing slip.
2. A letter stating the reason for the return. 
3. Returned in the original packaging, (i.e.: manufacturers shoe box).  Please use an appropriate outer shipping box.  If shoes are shipped in just the shoe box, (without an outer shipping box) there will be a $10.00 shoe box replacement fee, as the box will not be resalable. 

Once received, the item will be inspected and your account will be issued a store credit for the amount of the original purchase, less S&H with the following options for replacement orders:
1. If the size and style desired for exchange is within the letter stating the reason for the return, DANCELIFEUSA will process the return and contact the Customer to confirm availability. Additional shipping charges will apply and must be prepaid before shipping. 
2. If a replacement item is needed urgently, please call the office directly and place a new order, paid in full, prior to returning the item.  When the returned item is received, DANCELIFEUSA will credit your account.

NOTE: DANCELIFEUSA is unable to accept exchanges on CDs, DVDs, VHS, special orders and customized items.  No exceptions.  Attention Wholesale Customers: Due to the discount and quantity, no returns or exchanges will be accepted for Wholesale Customers. 

Backorders & Special Orders:
If an item requested is not in stock it may be place on Backorder or Special ordered, as per the following guidelines:
· Place the item on backorder and as soon as DANCELIFEUSA receives the backordered item, DANCELIFEUSA will notify the Customer and ship accordingly.  DANCELIFEUSA typically receives a new shipment each month and backordered items receive priority over all other customers that may be waiting for products.
· Special order the item and have it shipped from DANCELIFE HQ, located in Holland.  This option is only available if DANCELIFE HQ has the requested item in stock.  Please allow 7 to 10 business days, for which, additional S&H fees will apply. 


DancelifeUSA Guarantee:
Dancelife shoes are made to a very high standard of top quality materials. We therefore guarantee them to be free from any manufacturing fault. 30 days after the invoice date the guarantee will expire. We do not guarantee that they are suitable for your requirements. It is up to the purchaser to ensure that they are suitable for your needs or performance in your specific circumstances.

Dancelife shoes are high quality products and need to be handled with care. To ensure the long lasting quality, it is recommended to follow the instructions:

  • The shoes needs to be ventilated after wearing
  • Do not bring in contact with sharp objects
  • Do not wear outside
  • Do not spill any liquid on the shoes
  • The uppers of the shoes must be treated with the right safeguarding products which will prevent the shoe to wear out easily
  • Heel tips must be replaced in time to prevent damage to the heel. Heel Protectors are strongly recommended.
  • Do not use with force
  • Do not stress out the material; this might cause unnecessary damage to the shoes
  • When purchasing Dancelife shoes, be sure the shoes are suitable to your feet.

Please take a look at the ESSENTIALS from Dancelife for more safeguarding products.

Dancelife History

Founded in 1976 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as an international trading company in garment leathers and the management of franchised dance shops. With the change of fashion in leather clothing, these activities were sold to the Far East and since 1979 the company continued to concentrate solely on the sale of dancing shoes to the big market of Social Dancing in Western Europe.

As a result of the close contacts with the studio owners, the trading instincts of Dancelife would quickly sense upcoming trends in dancing. Packages of instructional videos, music and clothing were developed to assist dance teachers in introducing Aerobics - Country Line dancing – Argentine Tango - Salsa - Tapdance/ Riverdance - Streetdance and HipHop. Music was made available for such hypes as Disco, Lambada, Macarena etc.

Being on the ball all the time placed the Dancelife label on the summit as most innovative supplier to the dance world, resulting in Awards by dance teachers’ organizations all over Europe and the prestigious Business Award of the Town of Rotterdam - the world’s largest transit port and economic motor of the Netherlands.

When Philips introduced the CD-Player in 1984, Dancelife developed a pitch-control device, an essential requirement for dance studios, to pitch the music to the right tempo. After having sold 500 CD-players, Dancelife had thus created its market for dance-CDs for the dance industry and its music catalogue was converted from Vinyl to CD. The first major contract for delivery of CDs was made in Japan and is to date maintaining its reputation as the biggest label for dance music.

Dancelife was also the first company to introduce POP-Music for Ballroom Dancing to please the younger dancers. This idea met with a vast success, quickly followed by other dance music labels. This Dancelife initiated development has resulted in the fact that students can now dance to nearly any music.

Focusing on the dance competitors, Dancelife innovated new shoemaking techniques for competition dancers, the idea being that with more intensive training; the traditional techniques were inadequate and would have their adverse effect on the joints at a later age of the dancer. By using computerized animations of dancing and implementing – wherever possible – the same materials that are used in the shoes for other sports disciplines, comfort has been greatly improved. The Dancelife GTI-Series of Latin Sandals was developed, offering improved cushioning and sports lining to prevent burning feet.
The Dominator technique of shoemaking for men was immediately copied by other shoe manufacturers.

Dancelife continues to innovate, being fed by the information of their sales offices in all major dance countries. The management of the sales and the ongoing product development is essential when exporting to over 90 countries, many of them having their own specific demands. Via the various websites we offer nearly 300 Salsa Instructional DVDs – producing 10-15 new Dancelife CDs per year and distributing all major dance music labels, designing practice wear and new shoe styles, either under the Dancelife Label or under private label for the various other trendsetting companies in dance apparel.



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